Energy management can be defined differently depending on the perspective within a building or a town’s network. Inside the building energy management is a method to save final energy costs such as electricity, heat and water.

A key for effective energy usage inside a home or building is informing the consumer continually about energy consumption. KNX Smart metering provides the necessary equipment for this solution. There are KNX devices covering many different elements of energy management.

Peak demand monitoring

Current detection

Network monitoring

Load shedding


Interface to M-BUS

Energy pulse counting

Data logging


Sensors and actuators

Controllers and data processing

The KNX devices can give cost information for heating and electrical consumption but more importantly, room temperatures, status of windows, occupancy, active power of circuits and behavior of electrical consumers can also be monitored.

Better analysis of the user’s consumption patterns and saving potentials can be made by the energy manager to achieve maximum savings.

KNX provides solutions for visualisation and automation that can be combined with monitoring of utilities. The result of this approach produces active energy management and visualisation of energy consumption, providing the tools to achieve energy saving actions.

Energy monitoring