All-in-one video conference solution Collabo 2.0 by Neets

Powerful video conference solution

Collabo 2.0 by Neets streamlines the way you start any kind of online meeting. Collabo 2.0 is designed to fit the demands of modern workplaces and the diversity of video conferencing solutions that exist on the market. Collabo 2.0 is a bundle with Neets Soundbar SB-1, Neets 4K Webcam, and Solvo by Neets providing an AV system that turns on/off automatically with CEC and signal detection from a user’s laptop.

Quick start – no delays, no stress

With Collabo 2.0, Users connect their laptop with a single USB cable for a quick and hassle-free start and launch the favorite UC platform (e.g., Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, Slack, BlueJeans,, etc.) for a pro-quality audiovisual experience with voice enhancement technology, 4K resolution, and stable, wired network. The USB 3.0 connection ensures that you can bring any kind of laptop to the meeting.

Voice-enhanced audio

The audio system in Collabo 2.0 is made from high quality materials that improve acoustics and contains technology that enhances voice quality. This, and a 2.0 full-range stereo with front-facing speakers helps ensure that online meetings and video conference calls have clear and coherent sound. Every time.

Wide field of view in 4K UHD

With a 120° wide field-of-view and 4K UHD resolution, the webcam in Collabo 2.0 captures razor-sharp video and ensures that everyone in the meeting will be clearly visible. The built-in microphone array picks up a full range of sounds and the noise-canceling algorithms ensure that everyone in the room is heard clearly. You are free to mount the webcam wherever it gives you the best angle.

Automation with CEC technology

The intelligent AV system hub brings everything together in Collabo 2.0 and provides a quick and user-friendly starting point for every online meeting. Solvo by Neets turns the video conference solution into an automated system with CEC technology.

Easy and flexible installation

Collabo 2.0 is designed to fit anywhere and in any meeting space. It comes with its own wall bracket for you to easily mount it under your display. 


Power supply 230Vac – 77W 5521lm/100W 7361lm
Giano IoT is a Bluetooth-driven direct and indirect suspension lamp with embedded on/off control.

Automatic On with OTOMO users presence detection

Miniswitch KNX

New Miniswitches KNX suitable with plates of Eelecta’s range 2 or 4 modules or Glass Frames in 3 or 4 modules. The range is composed by 3 models that include 1, 2 or 4 channels switches with a dimension of 45×45 mm (frame not included). For each channel are available 2 signaling led’s (white/blue). The switches are available in 2 different colours (white or anthracite) and the plates in 3 colours (white, silver e black).


Eelecta Homepad pushbutton range of KNX devices is divided in 5 different models based on the number of switch, input and temperature sensors provided with the device.

Scheme Eelecta switches range:

Product has 4 (8) push buttons which can be configured to manage lights, dimmers, shutters, etc. ; and 4 inputs (where present) on the backside to interface free potential contacts (for example sensors, traditional buttons, etc.).

Wireless Bluetooth Wi-Fi Speaker

A perfect compromise between performance and size, the AIO 3 is a wireless speaker designed to bring music to an average room of 15m² and more.

Stream all your music from your phone, tablet or computer thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, and Wifi. With the “Triangle AIO” application create a multiroom network of up to 12 devices to broadcast music throughout the home. At the back of the AIO 3 you’ll find a wide choice of inputs such as optical, RCA 3.5mm and USB A which allow for connectivity to a wide range of audio-video devices.

Housed in a wooden box enclosure, AIO is equipped with two 25mm silk dome tweeters and two 10cm mid-woofers. This 2 x 2-way configuration delivers true, detailed stereo sound with plenty of depth. A vent at the back reinforces the low frequencies for added performance.

Finished in gorgeous Scandinavian black, gray, blue and green fabrics from Gabriel and brushed aluminum pieces, the speaker AIO 3 will blend elegantly in a living room, a bedroom or even the kitchen.

Following the heritage of High Fidelity speaker, AIO Series is using only the best material to provide the best sound and perfect finish. Like traditional speakers, the AIO is made of a wooden enclosure: an excellent material in the domain of acoustics that offers the acoustical properties required in a high-quality speaker.

Mona Switches & Bedside Panel

Mona Series offers all the solutions you need in hotel operations in the same concept. Mona continue to add value to your space with frameless design. A unique user experience with its touch design and minimalist icons. All the solutions you need are just a touch away.

We are proud to have the best audio visual system in Pakistan.

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KNX Smart Home & Residential Building Solutions

Your home functions better when your home and smart products work all together. EAE Technology smart home solutions make your life simpler with reliable, intelligent and user-friendly devices. With one single device, anyone in your family can operate the lights, blinds, thermostats, security, concierge and more.

We are proud to have the best smart home and building automation system in Pakistan.

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Hotel GRMS Solutions

Guest Room Management System (GRMS) from EAE Technology is designed to ensure an exemplary and gratifying experience for your guests. Our intelligent solutions are based on interactive technology that compliments the exceptional experience you want for your guests.

Integration into PMS Systems…

The following platforms are easily integrated with GRMS systems.





Many others…

GRMS Solution With Using Cardholder

With Cardholder systems, all electrical equipment in the room can be used as long as the card is inserted in the sytem.

However, in some cases the RFID card is left inserted even if there are no guests in the room and unnecessary energy consumption may occur in terms of the operation.

GRMS Solution Without Using Cardholder

With the hotel logic controller module, occupancy is monitored without the use of the cardholder.

This function allows the hotel management to save energy by automatically calling scenarios when guests are not in the room.

We are proud to have the best guest room management system in Pakistan.

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What is the object that we are least willing to go without? Our phone, without a doubt. And it is thanks to smartphones that we are able to manage a building automation system allowing savings and increased comfort levels in the office. With an eye to health.

Today, savings in the office are a real possibility thanks to the network developed between Bluetooth Low Energy products, widespread sensors and lighting devices. The ground-breaking idea consists in controlling these types of systems through an object that today we simply we can’t do without, and which is always with us: our phone.

Turning on the light? Yes, but not with the switch.

One of the first things we touch when we enter a room is the door handle and the light switch. Just think about the type of breeding ground for germs these simple, apparently harmless objects can become. According to studies conducted in hospitality buildings, and therefore easily transferable to office buildings, one of the dirtiest elements in a hotel room are in fact the light switches and door handles, given they are rarely subjected to thorough cleaning by hotel workers. Given it is impossible not to turn on the light or open the doors, building automation and the IoT can give us a hand by allowing these actions, such as turning the lights on and off and opening and closing doors, to be performed without necessarily coming into contact with surfaces potentially dangerous to our health insofar as possible sources of contagion for viruses and bacteria. Hence, by using a simple App directly from our phone, and therefore a personal object, we can manage offices, controlling not only the lighting but also the doors, windows, sun shades and fan coils.

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