HDMI Matrix Switcher with Event Manager

MMX8x8-HDMI-4K-A is a standalone matrix switcher with eight HDMI video inputs and eight HDMI video outputs. 4K / UHD (30Hz RGB 4:4:4, 60Hz YCbCr 4:2:0), 3D capabilities and HDCP are fully supported.

Highlighted features

  • Cisco VC room integration compatibility
  • Advanced control feature pack for 3rd party video conference collaboration
  • Balanced analog audio output for audio de-embedding
  • Audio embedding and de-embedding
  • Built-in Event Manager control automation feature

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Easy Integration Of Lightware Devices Into CISCO Rooms

Expand, Extend and Exist Securely

Lightware equipment can be easily configured to directly communicate with CISCO collaboration room systems: our open API environment makes it possible that every bit of data is openly available for higher level management, monitoring and control applications.

CISCO rooms offer high-fidelity audio and video and rich functionality for an immersive collaboration experience. To enhance these video conference systems with full control using the CISCO provided touch panel, most AV systems require a third party control system to be installed. However, this is not the case when the AV signal management is performed by Lightware devices enhanced with the built-in Event Manager room control feature.

EXPAND video switching related options in the CISCO ecosystem:

  • Most CISCO Room Kits have only one or two HDMI inputs. A Lightware switch can add multiple inputs, and formats such as Display Port, DVI, VGA and USB-C: No more need for dongles!
  • Add GPIO control to any CISCO room system for relay control of lights, screens and shades, and trigger inputs from motion detectors
  • Make the real-time input availability of sources visible on the Touch 10 touch screen, and use it to trigger events
  • Any Lightware switch with built-in Event Manager room control is compatible with the family of compatible with CISCO room codecs

EXTEND the capabilities of CISCO systems:

  • Use Lightware TPS (HDBaseTTM) and fiber optical transmitters to extend connectivity to the codec from the meeting table or from another room
  • Use Autoselect mode to automatically switch the last connected source to the codec’s input
  • Use multiple Lightware switches or matrix routers for large rooms with multiple sources and multiple displays

EXIST SECURELY in active bi-directional communication:

  • Use the CISCO management software to monitor the active status of connected Lightware products. Most end-users do not want separate AV software just to manage the AV gear exclusively, they rather prefer the complete CISCO solution
  • Lightware sends a ‘heartbeat’: when signal is lost, the CISCO software can proactively alert IT personnel about the problem, long before users would notice
  • Lightware uses serial-to-USB connection for secure control, while TCP/IP connection is also an available alternative

The Lightware Advantage in your CISCO Room

  • No third party control processor needed! Other systems typically require a controller solution in addition to the video switch, while Lightware does not, it works natively, plug-and-play
  • No sophisticated custom programming! Lightware’s built-in Event Manager room control technology makes it easy to deploy
  • Easy to scale: configuration files can be batch-loaded over the network for large, system-wide installs