Mona Switches & Bedside Panel

Mona Series offers all the solutions you need in hotel operations in the same concept. Mona continue to add value to your space with frameless design. A unique user experience with its touch design and minimalist icons. All the solutions you need are just a touch away.

We are proud to have the best audio visual system in Pakistan.

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Hotel GRMS Solutions

Guest Room Management System (GRMS) from EAE Technology is designed to ensure an exemplary and gratifying experience for your guests. Our intelligent solutions are based on interactive technology that compliments the exceptional experience you want for your guests.

Integration into PMS Systems…

The following platforms are easily integrated with GRMS systems.





Many others…

GRMS Solution With Using Cardholder

With Cardholder systems, all electrical equipment in the room can be used as long as the card is inserted in the sytem.

However, in some cases the RFID card is left inserted even if there are no guests in the room and unnecessary energy consumption may occur in terms of the operation.

GRMS Solution Without Using Cardholder

With the hotel logic controller module, occupancy is monitored without the use of the cardholder.

This function allows the hotel management to save energy by automatically calling scenarios when guests are not in the room.

We are proud to have the best guest room management system in Pakistan.

Tel: +92-21-35250460

Cell: +92-331-2887178

Cell: +92-330-6322277

Email: [email protected]