Ascendo D6 Speaker

Germany: D6 is made in Germany and has absolutely authentic sonic performance, paired with a perfectly symmetrical dispersion and a holographic spatial imaging, are just a few of the exciting advantages of this exceptional loudspeaker.
Fascinating: The D6 Passive projects instruments and voices remarkably corporeal and authentic into the room. The musical event can be 3 dimensionally experienced, captivating the listener in a most inimitable way.

Unique: Characterized by this virtue, the D6 Passive is able to convince both at very low as well as very high volumes in an astounding consistent quality. In spite of its small dimensions, music lovers will be surprised by its profound and contoured rendering of low frequencies.

Driver unit: Time-coherent 18 cm coaxial one-point source

Power rating: 80W

Mid-woofer: 18 cm mid-woofer with XP diaphragm

Tweeter: 25 mm neodym soft-dome tweeter



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Sony Native 4K Home Cinema Projector

Sony have announced two new projectors – the VPL-VW890ES and VPL-VW290ES and so we can now reveal further details of the new products and explain how the full range will deliver the best ever HDR viewing experience for your customers.

The two new native 4K (4096 x 2160) home cinema projectors from Sony join the other recently launched models and are powered by “X1™ for projector”, the powerful picture processor based on technology used for Sony’s BRAVIA TV series and optimized for projectors. This processor combines innovative technologies for high-precision frame analysis, enabling unique features like Dynamic HDR Enhancer and Reality Creation.

The VPL-VW890ES 2,200lm laser model with premium All-Range Crisp Focus (ARC-F) lens and VPL-VW290ES 1,500lm lamp model offer immersive viewing experiences that deliver the creator’s true intent with real-world detail and texture in best contrast for the consumer and integrator.

Dynamic HDR Enhancer: Due to the processing power of the newly installed X1™ for projector, more detailed analysis is performed and HDR enhancement power has become stronger compared to the previous models. This enhanced HDR feature analyses each scene to deliver the best contrast performance when viewing HDR content, making the bright scenes brighter and the dark scenes darker. The dynamic range of contrast and brightness is further expanded by linking with the laser and iris in the VPL-VW890ES laser model.

“Reality Creation” Technology: the X1™ for projector picture processor analyses each scene to enrich 4K content and real-world detail and texture. Even content filmed in 2K or Full HD is upscaled close to 4K.

Native 4K SXRD panel: Both models offer 4096 x 2160 4K resolution images with 8.8 million pixels for an incredibly lifelike picture. With rich, inky blacks as well as clear cinematic motion and image smoothness, these projectors can reproduce vibrant colours with more tones and textures than a standard projector system.

Edge to Edge Image Quality: The VPL-VW890ES uses ARC-F lens which delivers pristine image quality across the entire screen. This large-aperture lens adopts an all-glass design for its 18 elements, including six extra low dispersion (ELD) elements. This ensures optimal convergence of the red, green and blue primaries even at the extreme edges of the screen, for a clear and vivid image wherever you look.

The VPL-VW890ES and VPL-VW290ES models will replace the VPL-VW870ES and VPL-VW270ES respectively. As with the model’s predecessors, these new projectors also feature input lag reduction mode which dramatically improves the performance of the display reaction speed to ensure gamers can enjoy the best possible experience alongside the breathtakingly detailed image quality they have come to expect.

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