Kingfisher LED High Bay LED-C gives excellent light output for a variety of interior industrial and commercial lighting applications, offering high performance coupled with visual comfort.

Key features

Luminaire Lumens 13,000–26,000

LED Lumens 17,000–34,000

Power 100W–200W

Efficacy 130 luminaire lm/W

4000K, CRI >70

Lifetime >54,000hr L70

Stirrup mounted


Warehousing & logistics


Loading bays


High-ceiling retail

Commercial foyers/high-ceiling interiors

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Zactis is a high-performance flat-to-ground LED flood light perfect for sports, high mast and area applications. As well as facilitating easy installation and maintenance, the sleek, low-profile design, reduces the load together with decreasing windage.

The luminaire shall be manufactured from high pressure die-cast aluminium. It shall have a luminaire efficacy of at least 114 luminaire lm/W and will be capable of producing up to 32,571 luminaire lumens at 4000K. The luminaire will be rated at IP65 and IK08.

With a peak intensity of 70°, Zactis achieves excellent performance while still complying with BREEAM & the ILP guidance notes on obtrusive light. Designed and Engineered in UK.

Key features

Luminaire Lumens up to 32,571

Power 142W–285W


Asymmetrical distribution with the peak at 70 degrees allowing flat-to-ground orientation

Stirrup mounted

DALI dimmable as standard

Plug and socket connection

Photocell and NEMA options

Designed and Engineered in the UK



High mast lighting

Area lighting


Car parks

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