Neets MiniConnect

The Neets MiniConnect is an affordable easy-to-install tabletop solution that will remove all the usual cable clutter in your meeting room. It even comes with a cable bag to make sure it is easy to hide the cable.

It fit seamlessly into any meeting room, just like it improves the user experience in spaces such as huddle rooms, board rooms, or lecture halls.

With its sleek and Scandinavian design, it is ideal for both modern and more traditional interiors. It is easy mounted in a table, whether it is new interior or retrofit and with the MiniConnect in your meeting rooms you will minimize the cable clutter.

It is possible to connect from one to three cables, allowing you to customize connectivity to fit the specific needs in the room.

Please note: no cables are included in the box.

  • No cable clutter in meeting rooms
    It’s a perfect solution for getting cables under control and hide all the cables under the table
  • Top-integration in furniture
    With its stylish Scandinavian design it fits seamlessly into any type of table
  • Suitable for retrofit
    The design is ideal for both modern and more traditional interiors and is easily mounted
  • Easy installation
    It is easily installed into a table, all that is needed is a 102 mm drill
  • Compatible with all manufactures tables
    With its Scandinavian design it fits seamlessly into any type of table
  • Outstanding flexibility
    No pre-specified cables included. It can be customized to have one or up to three cables installed

Neets EasyConnect – Power

By using the Neets EasyConnect – Power together with an EasyConnect – Control, you will have more power sockets and cables for tabletop solutions.

The EasyConnect – Power comes in the same look and feel as the EasyConnect – Control, but has no control capabilities.

If you add a Neets Control – QueBec II you can make the EasyConnect – Power work as an automatic projector and screen control unit, giving it a stand-alone plug and play functionality.

  • Connectors
    Standard cables(1.7m);
    3.5mm audio mini-jack
    Network cable (RJ45)
  • AC Power Connector 1
    EU, Universal, DK or Swiss power
  • AC Power Connector 2
    EU, Universal, DK or Swiss power
  • Easy to use
    No cables on the floor – AV cables (1.7 m) pull out and retract easily for storage
  • Plug and Play
    Add a QueBec II and the EasyConnect works as a plug and play automatic projector control

Neets Audio Amplifier – 2:25 Network Controlled Stereo Audio Amplifier (2 x 25W)

Neets Audio Amplifier – 2:25 is a network controlled stereo audio amplifier controlled through LAN or RS-232. The Audio Amplifier – 2:25 adds additional RS-232 and I/O ports for expansion and integrates with Neets and 3rd party control systems.

The USB audio input enables direct audio input and volume control from a computer (PC or Mac).

  • Class D amplifier with built-in DSP
    High efficiency amplifier with high quality sound
  • 2-channel stereo amplifier
    2×25 Watts @8 ohm or 2×35 Watts @4 ohm both in stereo
  • Bridge mode
    1×34 Watts @8 ohm or 1×56 Watts @4 ohm both in bridge mode
  • USB audio
    Provides audio playback and volume control on connected PC or Mac
  • 1 LAN port
    Enables control of the amplifier and adds two extra RS-232 ports for expansion of the control system
  • 2 Bi-directional RS-232 ports
    Used for control or expanding the AV system with more devices
  • 4 General Purpose I/O ports
    Used for extra input/output ports for control of relays, switches and sensors.
  • Auto power function
    Powers on when signal is detected, and enter sleep-mode automatically after 15 minutes without signal
  • Input 1 Mix function
    Possible to set Input 1 as an input, that mixes with the current selected input.
  • 3 band equalizer
    Works as an active filter for bass, mid and treble
  • LED indicators on the front
    Convenient located on the front for easy performance indication
  • Easy mounting
    Can be mounted in trunking systems, hidden or in 1RU using the Neets Rack Shelf
  • Configuration
    Configuration is done directly using a built-in configuration area that fully integrates with Neets Project Designer

Neets Sound Bar – SB1

Perfect voice reproduction for video conferencing

When meeting other people online through video conferencing, the most important factor for a great meeting is audio reproduction. Understanding what is said is key to achieving great communication. The Neets Sound Bar SB-1 is designed with voice reproduction in mind. The Neets Sound Bar SB-1 is a capable and controllable soundbar that can easily be connected to and controlled from pro-av control systems and function as a stand-alone device.

Energy-efficient solution

The Sound Bar has a built-in Class-D amplifier, which is highly energy efficient. Wake-on-signal functionality turns the soundbar on/off automatically when detecting an input signal. The sound bar can also be integrated into AV solutions with a control system, where its status can be switched by a press of a button, timer functions, or motion detection.

Professional, controllable and standalone audio device

Sound Bar with front-facing, full-range speakers that deliver top-quality audio without requiring external amplification. The Neets Sound Bar – SB1 can be used as a standalone audio solution or integrated into Pro AV systems using a Neets or 3rd party control system with the RS232 port. When integrated, the soundbar can be controlled automatically or through a control interface such as a keypad or touch panel. 3 built-in DSP presets (Voice, Music, and Presentation) customize the audio output according to the use scenario.

Minimalistic design to match any interior

The Neets Sound Bar SB-1 has a minimalistic design that matches any architecture or interior design. The Sound Bar is available in five colors, with colored front covers made from Kvadrat wool. The Sound Bar can be mounted on the wall, TV stand, or placed on a flat surface.

Solvo by Neets Intelligent AV system hub

Pro AV system out of the box
Entry-level control system for small, low-tech meeting rooms. Choose any combination of devices, connect them to Solvo and your system is ready. Solvo gives you 1 HDMI output (display/projector), 3 USB, 1 3,5mm minijack input and 1 3,5mm minijack output.

Connect with 1 USB to start
Users bring their own devices and connect to the system using the provided USB 3.0 cable. CEC technology turns on and off the connected display, and power manages all the connected equipment automatically upon signal detection from the user’s laptop.

Flexible solution
Solvo by Neets is device agnostic. Choose your preferred brands and peripheral device types, depending on your needs and the type of room. Some examples of devices are webcams, microphones, speakers and interactive whiteboards.