SW104 – 4 Channel KNX Relay

4x16A, 500A Inrush Current

In addition to switching resistive loads, SW108 is designed to be used with capacitive and inductive loads, enabling a convenient control of fluorescent ballasts and led drivers for smart home automation

General Specification

4 independently configurable channels

Manual control for each relay on the device using slide switches

Does not require an external power supply

Electric current control can be configured

Following functions can be defined separately for each channel:

  • Stair function
  • External logic
  • Internal logic
  • Priority function
  • Threshold function
  • Transaction time
  • Sweep function

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DM04A02KNX is a universal KNX 4 channel dimmer with automatic identification of the type of load and with adjustable parameters to optimize the control of different types of lamps such as LEDs, incandescent and halogen lamps, dimmable compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), low voltage lamps with electronic or ferromagnetic transformer. The 4 channels can be used independently or combined in pair (1+2 and 3+4) to drive higher power loads; always respect the maximum power values indicated in the table of this instruction sheet and check in the handbook how to configure the outputs as combined in ETS. To define the maximum load and in particular the maximum number of lamps that can be connected, the DimmerLoadTester software is available; with it is possible to analyze the peak absorption of a single lamp and calculate the maximum number of lamps that can be connected.

Each output channel can be used in the following configurations:

Trailing Edge [RC]: The dimmer turns off part of the final part of the waveform of the input voltage resulting in reduced lamp output. This load regulation is used for resistive or capacitive loads (typically halogen lamps with electronic transformer or incandescent lamps)

Leading Edge [L]: The dimmer turns off part of the initial part of the waveform of the input voltage, resulting in reduced lamp output. This load regulation is used for inductive loads (typically ferromagnetic transformers or toroidal)


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Power supply 230Vac – 77W 5521lm/100W 7361lm
Giano IoT is a Bluetooth-driven direct and indirect suspension lamp with embedded on/off control.

Automatic On with OTOMO users presence detection


Jackie IoT is a Bluetooth® driven LED table & floor lamp with embedded brightness and temperature sensor
Power supply 230Vac – 10W 526lm

Automatic On with OTOMO users presence detection; On/Off and dimmer by OTOMO APP.
Embedded brightness sensor do not drives LED Jackie_IOT lamp itself.


IN00A01BLE is a built-in KNX device that acts as a two-way gateway between the KNX bus and the OTOMO Bluetooth® mesh; it includes 2 analog inputs for the connection of a BT01A01OTO temperature and brightness probe and a 10A – 230V relay with dry contacts. The two-way communication between the two systems allows to introduce in KNX installations the advantages of the typical functions of an OTOMO system such as the presence detection – via Mobile App and Beacon – of a user in an environment or the opportunity to transfer information, commands, states between one system and the other. The product includes a thermostat module capable of managing 2 stages with integrated PI controller for the control of heating and cooling equipment, valves, 2 and 4-pipe fan coils, etc.

Presence Detector 2 Channel – Ceiling detector – PIR Detector

The device is a ceiling flush mount PIR detector. The load will be switched on automatically when the movement is detected and the ambient light level is below the Lux setting value. Until there is no movement detected and the pre-set delay time has been expired, load will be switched off automatically. User can pre-set the desired Lux and Time values by VR or IR setting for automatic control lighting on / off with low initial cost and great energy saving potential.

Miniswitch KNX

New Miniswitches KNX suitable with plates of Eelecta’s range 2 or 4 modules or Glass Frames in 3 or 4 modules. The range is composed by 3 models that include 1, 2 or 4 channels switches with a dimension of 45×45 mm (frame not included). For each channel are available 2 signaling led’s (white/blue). The switches are available in 2 different colours (white or anthracite) and the plates in 3 colours (white, silver e black).


The KNX® 9025 switch range consists of 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 channels capacitive buttons. Each button can be configured to manage on/off commands, dimming, shutters and venetians control, scene recall and control, objects sequences etc. ; Device includes a 2 stage Room Temperature Controller with integrated PI to control heating and cooling equipment, valves, 2 and 4 pipes fan coils; etc.. Device has an embedded temperature sensor and a rear 2 poles connector configurable as digital or analog input; It’s possible to connect an additional NTC temperature probe (Eelectron codes TS01A01ACC or TS01B01ACC – not included) to perform a direct temperature measurement.
9025 range has a RGB led bar on the front side in order to visualize feedbacks or other values available over the KNX bus (function available on the RGB range).Devices are available in 2 ranges: STANDARD and RGB; each range may have glasses in CUSTOM version. Using glasses in CUSTOM version is possible to light up custom and interchangeable icons matching with the associated function. The 9025 KNX® range is mounted in 2 module box and is compliant with main standards (British, German, Italian, etc).Device is equipped with KNX communication interface.

Mona Switches & Bedside Panel

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