Wifi Smart Switches by Bluedot

625W – 2.4G Wifi Switch – Touch Switch with red and blue Led indicator

Available in 1 Gang / 2 Gang / 3 Gang / 4 Gang / 8 Gang

We are proud to have the best smart home and building automation products in Pakistan.

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Rosa Metal KNX Switches by EAE

With its brushed metal surface, Rosa Metal switches continue to add value to your space with the frameless design. Rosa; touch design and minimalist icon options provide a unique user experience.

Touch operated…

Rosa switches provide an aesthetic appearance and ease of use with large and brushed surface buttons. Perfect touch even from corners!

Brushed metal surfaces…

Brushed metal surfaces adds aesthethic apperance to your space. Rosa brushed metal switches contain 5 different color alternatives. (Pearl White, Natural, Gold, Bronze, Anthracite)

Customize icon options…

User-friendly icons and custom designs help users know the functions of the buttons.

Wide range of colors…

Rosa Metal switch has a choice of 5 different color metal surfaces ranging up to 3 folds.

Pearl White

Feedback LEDs…

Whereby the feedback LEDs in Rosa’s unique design, you can monitor the status of lighting, curtains / blinds and air conditioners in your living spaces at a glance.

Navigation LED…

Reach your switches quickly and safely with the navigation leds in Rosa.
Light up Rosa in the dark!

Frameless design…

85 x 85 mm frameless design

Independent programable buttons…

Short – Long Press Options…

High quality raw materials…

We are using 7000 series aluminium for our Rosa switch & thermostat.

We are proud to have the best building automation products in Pakistan.

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Cell: +92-331-2887178

Tel: +92-21-35250460

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