HRS – Hotel Room Supervisor by Eelectron

Instead of using Power Supply and IP Router for each rooms, you will be just providing Hotel Room Supervisor and each rooms of the hotels will be able to reach IP line seperately. It saves significant cost per room. Device also makes you able to have occupancy based controls for energy saving with its logic functions. In this case, you will be able to remove card holder from the system and this is optional.

General Specifications

  • Modbus TCP to KNX gateway provides all room control and monitoring requirements for hotel management and SCADA systems.
  • Gateway can map up to 1000 KNX group addresses
  • Built-in 320mA KNX bus power supply with auxiliary 30V output
  • Patent pending card holder-less room presence detection feature
  • Easy and remote commissioning via IP network
  • Optional physical inputs for door, window and presence sensors
  • Optional room energy measurement and reporting
  • Optional time sensitive scene selection with RTC
  • When the guest is not in the room, it guarantees energy saving without using the cardholder (energy saver)
  • 4 separate scenarios ; Pre-Welcome, Welcome, leave and check-out
  • Saving the configurations of guests and calling configurated scenarios.
  • Scenarios defined in the room can be changed through the GRMS software .
  • It has 3 dry contact inputs for ; Doors, Windows and Presence

Rosa Crystal KNX Touch Switches

Rosa Crystal switches are designed for the needs of modern buildings. The new generation of frameless design was designed according to the expectations of the architects. Elegant and trendy touch with glass design in your interior!

Touch sensitivity…

Touch sensitivity switch with one to six equal surfaces, each with its own functions.
Superior touch function!

Glass Surfaceā€¦

The Rosa Crystal family consists of a 4 mm tampered glass surface covered with conductive material. This allows for a safe operation as well as an elegant appearance.

Frameless minimalist design…

Modern look with 85 x 85mm frameless design

Wide range of colors…

Black and white color options as well as optional RAL cardela colors can be preferred.


Away, comfort, night and protection mode options

Customize icon options…

With a glass surface, Rosa offers an unique user experience and intuitive operation with minimalist icon design.
Various icon options make it easy to use.

Independent programmable buttons…

Short – long press options on all buttons.

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