The TH22AxxKNX transponder holder is an EIB / KNX device fitted in rectangular boxes with 2 or 3 modules, and can be used for detecting and monitoring the presence of customers or service staff in a room.
A range of colours is available for plastic housing, and glass finishes can be ordered separately, and it can be connected to all types of environments. The device has two physical ON / OFF inputs for controlling an open / close door contact or other signals (e.g. window contacts, bathroom alarm pulls, etc.). On the device there are two relays to control the door lock and to control the ” courtesy lighting “, or for any other freely configurable use. The front of the transponder is illuminated if no light is available (for dark locations), goes out if the card is invalid, and flashes for 3 seconds if access is not allowed. Card validation is made by checking the following data: -“number system”, if the code is coherent, it verifies the “date” field (if enabled) to verify validity (if this hasn’t expired). It then checks the “password” with all the associated and enabled codes (time, customer number, service number). If all the conditions matched, then is possible to open the door and, if set, turns on the courtesy light and sends the result to the bus. Configuration via ETS.

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