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Conference system is a set of audio equipment designed for comfortable communication between members of different events, regardless of the size of the room. Conference system is also called discussion system or congress system.

Capabilities of the Conference System

Conference system, unlike ordinary desk microphones, is capable to manage the course of the discussion, as well as provide many other useful features:

Possibility of members’ voting, Ability to identify the participants, Simultaneous translation, Simultaneous sound broadcast for multiple zones / rooms, Projection of a speaker on a large screen, Integration with videoconferencing systems, Recording (minutes keeping) of the course of events, Multimedia possibilities: sharing documents, audio and video content

Where are the conference systems used?

Conference rooms, Convention halls, Meeting rooms, Press centers, Classrooms, Government and public organizations, business offices, hotels, banks, educational and medical institutions.

Types of conference systems: what to choose?

Conference system consists of a central control unit, chairman unit, discussion panels, installed on the tables, as well as other software and interface modules.

Depending on the mode of interaction between the central control unit and personal devices of delegates, conference systems are classified into following:

Wired Conference Systems, Wireless Conference Systems, Analog Conference Systems, Digital Conference Systems, Multimedia Conference Systems, Conference System with Simultaneous Interpreting, Conference System with Embedded Registration and Identification, Conference System with Voting Function