UD105 KNX Universal Dimmer EAE

General Specification

Incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, dimmable LED and fluorescent lamps can be dimmed up to 1500W in 5 parallel channels for smart home systems

Flexibility to connect loads even below 1W (LED bulbs) without any lower limit

5 independent channels that can be parameterized via ETS4/ETS5.

Manual operation feature for each channel using membrane switches.

Each channel can actualize any of these functions separately.

Following function list provided;

  • Staircase
  • Scene
  • Operating Hour
  • Forced Operation

Configurable behavior after voltage return, voltage failure or ETS download.

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DL04A01KNX is a dimming actuator for LED in DC with constant voltage (CV).
The device allows to drive 4 independent channels or 1 RGB channel and 1 single color channel or 1 channel RGBW. Module can be powered from 12 to 48V DC and consequently can manage the outputs (LED strips) with voltage from 12 to 48V DC. The maximum current for each channel is 4A;
The device includes a 16A relay, suitable for switching capacitive loads, that allows a complete shutdown of the external power supply when all loads are switched off (for example at night) ensuring the maximization of the energy saving. On the front panel of DL04A01KNX there are 4 local switching buttons with corresponding status LED and a LED for signaling faults: short circuit on the output, over-temperature, power connection with reversed polarity, insufficient auxiliary power supply voltage. Available functions include block, logic, scenes, color sequences, etc ..
Device is equipped with KNX communication interface.


Device BO04F01KNX is a DIN rail EIB / KNX actuators with 4 relay outputs that canbe configured as:

– 4 outputs for light / load control
–  4 channels for valve in PWM (solenoid actuators)
–  2 channels for roller shutter / venetian control
–  2 channels for 3-point valve control
–  1 fan coil actuators 2-pipes

Version BO04F01KNX-SD includes a microSD card reader with which you can save the programming of the device to be able to restore it on an identical device in order to avoid programming in field or to allow a fast restore in case of failure.