• This Energy-meter provides the essential measurement capabilities required to monitor a single phase electrical installation.

• 0.25-5 (63) A, Class B, 230 VAC 50 Hz, -25 °C … +55 °C, 4 Quadrants, 2 Tariffs.
• Active Energy Class B (according to EN-50470) and Reactive Energy Class 2 (according to IEC 62053-23)
• Direct connected (up to 63 A)
• LCD display and 3 push-button keys (to read Energies, V, I, PF, F, P, Q and to configure some parameters)
• 1 push botton and 1 LED dedicated to KNX.
• Display with 8 digits.
• Self supplied (by the input voltage itself).

Device is intended to be installed on DIN rail.

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Home entertainment in a new definition

These speakers are pure listening pleasure. Experience the passive speakers from Ascendo Immersive Audio as your entry card into the world of high-profile theater sound.

The superior Coaxial Cinema Reference Monitors (CCRM) in conjunction with the matching subwoofers bring the currently best cinema sound into your home. As a real point source they perform at any listening position with proper timing and enthralling homogeneity, while generating such a remarkable three-dimensional sonic image.

From the lowest to to the highest frequencies even the most complex signals evolve with highest resolution and dynamics, being reproduced with an outstanding intelligibility by avoiding any audible distortion.

This is best German manufactory tradition on the highest quality of craftsmanship, a guarantee for long-lasting, powerful and sonically outstanding cinema systems, leading in the world of home entertainment.


  • time-coherent coaxial drivers for high neutrality, true-to-detail precision and irrepressible dynamic
  • custom-built high-performance high-tech woofers for extremely fast, controlled and abyssal bass response
  • extreme dynamic range and extremely high maximum volume level
  • clear and articulated speech intelligibility even in complex film events
  • flat design for flexible user-friendly inwall or onwall mounting
  • easy integration into existing theater systems