All-in-one video conference solution Collabo 2.0 by Neets

Powerful video conference solution

Collabo 2.0 by Neets streamlines the way you start any kind of online meeting. Collabo 2.0 is designed to fit the demands of modern workplaces and the diversity of video conferencing solutions that exist on the market. Collabo 2.0 is a bundle with Neets Soundbar SB-1, Neets 4K Webcam, and Solvo by Neets providing an AV system that turns on/off automatically with CEC and signal detection from a user’s laptop.

Quick start – no delays, no stress

With Collabo 2.0, Users connect their laptop with a single USB cable for a quick and hassle-free start and launch the favorite UC platform (e.g., Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, Slack, BlueJeans,, etc.) for a pro-quality audiovisual experience with voice enhancement technology, 4K resolution, and stable, wired network. The USB 3.0 connection ensures that you can bring any kind of laptop to the meeting.

Voice-enhanced audio

The audio system in Collabo 2.0 is made from high quality materials that improve acoustics and contains technology that enhances voice quality. This, and a 2.0 full-range stereo with front-facing speakers helps ensure that online meetings and video conference calls have clear and coherent sound. Every time.

Wide field of view in 4K UHD

With a 120° wide field-of-view and 4K UHD resolution, the webcam in Collabo 2.0 captures razor-sharp video and ensures that everyone in the meeting will be clearly visible. The built-in microphone array picks up a full range of sounds and the noise-canceling algorithms ensure that everyone in the room is heard clearly. You are free to mount the webcam wherever it gives you the best angle.

Automation with CEC technology

The intelligent AV system hub brings everything together in Collabo 2.0 and provides a quick and user-friendly starting point for every online meeting. Solvo by Neets turns the video conference solution into an automated system with CEC technology.

Easy and flexible installation

Collabo 2.0 is designed to fit anywhere and in any meeting space. It comes with its own wall bracket for you to easily mount it under your display. 

Sensa Wireless Speakers

All in one bluetooth mini hi-fi system

TRIANGLE modernizes its historic know-how with a new generation of active wireless speaker but keeping the traditional two-speakers setup. The aim of Sensa is simple: rediscovering the pleasure of a sound in stereo. Two speakers properly placed and well-spaced will give you a true effect of depth when listening, with an immersive feeling and numerous details.

The Sensa loudspeakers is a compact, modern and fully connected Hi-Fi system that make you rediscover your music providing a detailed and spatialized listening. The Sensa speakers are equipped with the latest technologies in terms of amplification to offer you a concentrate of music and fun.


Imagined as being a Grand Dame, she knows how to step aside, leaving the stage only to the music. She can deal with all types of music with an extreme ease, from the most intangible to the most frantic.

This is a music lover’s loudspeaker par excellence, and faithfully reproduces each musical detail. The Concerto is capable of letting leash the full force of a symphonic orchestra or delicately revealing the slightest inflection of a single voice. It can deal with all types of music with extreme ease, from the most intangible to the most frantic. Explosive dynamics, deep bass, crisp treble and emphasis on tonal quality: it’s all in there and brought together effectively to produce a sense of openness. The optimized sound layering makes you forget you are listening to a loudspeaker.

This true to life experience is the result of the determined efforts of the men and women who make up the triangle team, and their deep passion for music.

The filter, which is designed according to the same stringent quality standards as all of the loudspeaker’s components, orchestrates this masterpiece wonderfully.

We are proud to have the best audio visual system in Pakistan.

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