Neets Sound Bar – SB1

Perfect voice reproduction for video conferencing

When meeting other people online through video conferencing, the most important factor for a great meeting is audio reproduction. Understanding what is said is key to achieving great communication. The Neets Sound Bar SB-1 is designed with voice reproduction in mind. The Neets Sound Bar SB-1 is a capable and controllable soundbar that can easily be connected to and controlled from pro-av control systems and function as a stand-alone device.

Energy-efficient solution

The Sound Bar has a built-in Class-D amplifier, which is highly energy efficient. Wake-on-signal functionality turns the soundbar on/off automatically when detecting an input signal. The sound bar can also be integrated into AV solutions with a control system, where its status can be switched by a press of a button, timer functions, or motion detection.

Professional, controllable and standalone audio device

Sound Bar with front-facing, full-range speakers that deliver top-quality audio without requiring external amplification. The Neets Sound Bar – SB1 can be used as a standalone audio solution or integrated into Pro AV systems using a Neets or 3rd party control system with the RS232 port. When integrated, the soundbar can be controlled automatically or through a control interface such as a keypad or touch panel. 3 built-in DSP presets (Voice, Music, and Presentation) customize the audio output according to the use scenario.

Minimalistic design to match any interior

The Neets Sound Bar SB-1 has a minimalistic design that matches any architecture or interior design. The Sound Bar is available in five colors, with colored front covers made from Kvadrat wool. The Sound Bar can be mounted on the wall, TV stand, or placed on a flat surface.

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