DNA1000 Audio Amp

The world’s most advanced professional amplifier comes from ASCENDO GERMANY. The D.N.A.1000.2 sets its marks as centerpiece in every passive cinema setup. It impresses with its extensive flexibility as power amp in stereo, dual-mono/bi-amping and single-mono mode – with an authentic spatial image, highest musicality, enormous dynamics and extremely efficient performance.

Output Power = 2 x 500W (4Ω), 2 x 250W (8Ω), 1 x 1050W (4Ω), 1 x 900W (8Ω)

We are proud to have the best German audio products in Pakistan.

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High Performance D9 Speaker

ASCENDO’s legendary coaxial point source, the quality of craftsmanship and all materials packet in the elegant slim Bauhaus design in classic Bauhaus style distinguish the fascinating D Series loudspeakers.

Extremly accurate mounting in Ansbach, Bavaria Germany. 100% Handwork. Massive steel damping optimized dragon feet. Massive solid steel terminal plates. Highest quality piano lacquer. Only the best components like Finite Elemente damper, Mundorf coils, WBT binding posts, etc.. 6 Chassis 1 Coax One-Point-Source. Tweeter. Midrange 2 Dipol Tweeter 2 High Performance iBass Driver. (W/H/D) 24 / 112,5 / 45 cm

We are proud to have the best German Audio products in Pakistan.

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D7 Speaker

The D7 impresses in all respects. It is made in Germany and endowed with ASCENDO´s most recent technology, 2 high performance woofers, a Coax point source and a rearward TOS unit it performs in an incredibly balanced and three-dimensional way.

Its resolution as well as its timing is outstanding across the whole frequency range. Bass is reproduced extremely fast and well-structured. Its perfection in positioning whole orchestras, jazz combos or just single voices in a room is absolutely fascinating and without parallel.

Thanks to its rearward TOS unit you can enjoy this perfection even with the speakers placed close to a wall.

We are proud to have the best German audio products in Pakistan.

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Ascendo D6 Speaker

Germany: D6 is made in Germany and has absolutely authentic sonic performance, paired with a perfectly symmetrical dispersion and a holographic spatial imaging, are just a few of the exciting advantages of this exceptional loudspeaker.
Fascinating: The D6 Passive projects instruments and voices remarkably corporeal and authentic into the room. The musical event can be 3 dimensionally experienced, captivating the listener in a most inimitable way.

Unique: Characterized by this virtue, the D6 Passive is able to convince both at very low as well as very high volumes in an astounding consistent quality. In spite of its small dimensions, music lovers will be surprised by its profound and contoured rendering of low frequencies.

Driver unit: Time-coherent 18 cm coaxial one-point source

Power rating: 80W

Mid-woofer: 18 cm mid-woofer with XP diaphragm

Tweeter: 25 mm neodym soft-dome tweeter



We are proud to have the best audio products in Pakistan.

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HDMI Matrix Switcher with Event Manager

MMX8x8-HDMI-4K-A is a standalone matrix switcher with eight HDMI video inputs and eight HDMI video outputs. 4K / UHD (30Hz RGB 4:4:4, 60Hz YCbCr 4:2:0), 3D capabilities and HDCP are fully supported.

Highlighted features

  • Cisco VC room integration compatibility
  • Advanced control feature pack for 3rd party video conference collaboration
  • Balanced analog audio output for audio de-embedding
  • Audio embedding and de-embedding
  • Built-in Event Manager control automation feature

We are proud to have the best audio visual system in Pakistan.

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Although the twenty5.21i is the most compact model in the new range, there’s nothing small about the sound, which has the impact you’d expect from a much larger cabinet, thanks to PMC’s Advanced Transmission Line technology. The speaker is ideal for use in small-to-medium listening environments where space is at a premium, but where you still want detailed bass, ultra-realistic mids and delicate highs with maximum musicality. Equally happy mounted on a stand or a bookshelf, the twenty5.21i offers maximum flexibility for placement, and also makes an excellent choice for effects speakers in an immersive sound system. 

Available Finishes: Walnut, Diamond Black, Oak, White Silk

Crossover Frequency: 1.7kHz

Dimensions: H 340mm 13.4” x W 162mm 6.4” x D 284mm 11.2” incl. binding posts (+9mm grille)

Drive Units: LF PMC 5.5”/140mm long-throw g-weave™ cone with cast alloy chassis
HF PMC/SEAS®, 19mm twenty5i series, SONOMEX™ fabric soft dome, Ferrofluid cooled, with 34mm surround and dispersion grille

Impedance: 8Ohm

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A Small Box That Thinks It Is A Big one – Floor-Standing Monitor C6

The beautifully elegant C6 captivates with its holographic imaging. Fitted with ASCENDO´s point source driver the C6´s three-dimensional imaging is absolutely unique in its category. In spite of its reduced size it succeeds in surprising music lovers because of its profound low level reproduction.

The C6 with its incredibly musical reproduction is a high-quality piece of furniture in classic Bauhaus design. It performs well even when placed very close to a wall, and will definitely cast a spell over you.

Principle = Two-way bass-reflex
Dimensions (W/H/D)
20 / 84 / 21 cm
20 / 90 / 21 cm (with base)
Weight = 17 kg
Frequency response = 44 Hz – 25.000 Hz (-3 dB)
Peak power handling = 80 Watts
Nominal impedance = 6 Ohms
Sensitivity = 88 dB / 1 W/m
Chassis = shielded Coax 25 mm Neodymium soft dome tweeter
18 cm woofer with XP membrane
Adaptation to positioning = switchable free-field (F)position
close to wall (W) position
Finish = switchable piano lacquer white / black differing colours in piano
lacquer on request

We are proud to have the best speaker systems in Pakistan.

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The most-advanced High End amplifier worldwide!
An integral part of our ACTIVE systems – but just as superb as High-end power amplifier for high-quality passive speakers

No Limits
The superior sound characteristics of our DNA 1000.2 HE are hallmarked by the highest degree of musicality and extraordinary dynamics, resolution and authority, combined with an authentic spatial imaging. Each listening session is turned into an emotional experience. As a result you are physically present at events as if live. The comprehensive and immediately perceivable optimisation of the entire system of loudspeaker / room is achieved by adjustable input and output channels. Existing problems of room acoustics are solved in a highly efficient way, thus guaranteeing the finest hearing experience under any conditions.

Your system is perfectly adjusted to:

  • individual sound preferences
  • listening levels
  • musical styles
  • loudspeaker characteristics
  • room acoustics on site

The time response of the loudspeaker is significantly optimised. (with assumed mono operation of the DNA 1000.2 HE and bi-/tri-wiring terminal on the speaker‘s part) All sounds arrive at the listener‘s at the same time. Here applies the the simple rule: the more authentic the reproduction of music, the closer you are at the live event.

Ahead of its time
Audio signals can be streamed to the DNA 1000.2 HE absolutely synchronously and at high resolution via the AVB network.

New applications
The DNA 1000.2 HE can convert any input signals into an ABB stream, and transfer them lossless with up to 8 channels via the AVB network by means of CAT cables to any number of DNA 1000.2 HE amplifiers or ASCENDO‘s active loudspeakers and subwoofers. Cable length is no issue any more.

Three modes of operation are possible with the DNA 1000.2 HE:

  • Stereo: 2 x 500 Watts sinus
  • Double mono: 500 W + 500 W sinus
  • Mono: 1000W sinus

Its four detachable magnetic device bases enable the DNS1000.2 HE to be positioned in any direction.
Greatest flexibility

  • Very simple self-explanatory central operation of all amplifiers via web browser.
    (Amplifiers in mono mode only)
  • L/B/H: 360/155*/255* mm
    *depending on the orientation +15 mm for the feet
  • Weight: 16,3 kg

Passive high-performance Immersive Audio monitor

A class of its own – and a benefit for all home theater fans

The CCRM6-P presents itself in small to medium-sized rooms as the state of today’s technology. With an efficiency of 95 dB/1 W it lives up to its name. Constant sound pressure levels up to 114 dB and peak levels of 119 dB pose for the CCRM6-P no great difficulty. Experience movies or music as if you were on spot.

Equipped with a two-way coax driver optimized for in and on-wall mounting, and featuring a 165 mm mid-woofer and a centrically arranged 25 mm soft-dome tweeter, the CCRM6-P cannot hide his professional provenience. With an optimized dispersion characteristic, absolutely balanced frequency response and impressive detail resolution, this Immersive Audio speaker effortlessly puts itself at the top of its price class.

CCRM6-P – A quality that guarantees you enjoyment and reliability at the highest level.


Speaker typeTime-coherent 6,5“ Coax One Point Source
SPL114dB Cont. / 119dB Peak
Frequency range80Hz to 20kHz (-3 dB)
Sensitivity95dB / 1W
Power rating / Impedance350W / 8 Ω
Width x Height x Depth300 x 490 x 100mm

All speakers are supplied with a front grille as standard

Home entertainment in a new definition

These speakers are pure listening pleasure. Experience the passive speakers from Ascendo Immersive Audio as your entry card into the world of high-profile theater sound.

The superior Coaxial Cinema Reference Monitors (CCRM) in conjunction with the matching subwoofers bring the currently best cinema sound into your home. As a real point source they perform at any listening position with proper timing and enthralling homogeneity, while generating such a remarkable three-dimensional sonic image.

From the lowest to to the highest frequencies even the most complex signals evolve with highest resolution and dynamics, being reproduced with an outstanding intelligibility by avoiding any audible distortion.

This is best German manufactory tradition on the highest quality of craftsmanship, a guarantee for long-lasting, powerful and sonically outstanding cinema systems, leading in the world of home entertainment.


  • time-coherent coaxial drivers for high neutrality, true-to-detail precision and irrepressible dynamic
  • custom-built high-performance high-tech woofers for extremely fast, controlled and abyssal bass response
  • extreme dynamic range and extremely high maximum volume level
  • clear and articulated speech intelligibility even in complex film events
  • flat design for flexible user-friendly inwall or onwall mounting
  • easy integration into existing theater systems