Ascendo D6 Speaker

Germany: D6 is made in Germany and has absolutely authentic sonic performance, paired with a perfectly symmetrical dispersion and a holographic spatial imaging, are just a few of the exciting advantages of this exceptional loudspeaker.
Fascinating: The D6 Passive projects instruments and voices remarkably corporeal and authentic into the room. The musical event can be 3 dimensionally experienced, captivating the listener in a most inimitable way.

Unique: Characterized by this virtue, the D6 Passive is able to convince both at very low as well as very high volumes in an astounding consistent quality. In spite of its small dimensions, music lovers will be surprised by its profound and contoured rendering of low frequencies.

Driver unit: Time-coherent 18 cm coaxial one-point source

Power rating: 80W

Mid-woofer: 18 cm mid-woofer with XP diaphragm

Tweeter: 25 mm neodym soft-dome tweeter



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