What is the object that we are least willing to go without? Our phone, without a doubt. And it is thanks to smartphones that we are able to manage a building automation system allowing savings and increased comfort levels in the office. With an eye to health.

Today, savings in the office are a real possibility thanks to the network developed between Bluetooth Low Energy products, widespread sensors and lighting devices. The ground-breaking idea consists in controlling these types of systems through an object that today we simply we can’t do without, and which is always with us: our phone.

Turning on the light? Yes, but not with the switch.

One of the first things we touch when we enter a room is the door handle and the light switch. Just think about the type of breeding ground for germs these simple, apparently harmless objects can become. According to studies conducted in hospitality buildings, and therefore easily transferable to office buildings, one of the dirtiest elements in a hotel room are in fact the light switches and door handles, given they are rarely subjected to thorough cleaning by hotel workers. Given it is impossible not to turn on the light or open the doors, building automation and the IoT can give us a hand by allowing these actions, such as turning the lights on and off and opening and closing doors, to be performed without necessarily coming into contact with surfaces potentially dangerous to our health insofar as possible sources of contagion for viruses and bacteria. Hence, by using a simple App directly from our phone, and therefore a personal object, we can manage offices, controlling not only the lighting but also the doors, windows, sun shades and fan coils.

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