Working from Home

Many people are working from home due to the pandemic, lets discuss how KNX can be used to facilitate and safe and healthy environment.

Many people have set up their offices temporarily in spare bedrooms across the world. Working from home has some great benefits, but for most, sadly, it does not include a custom-built office set up specifically for the single purpose of work. Beds have been shifted, wardrobes moved or dismantled or, in many instances, dining room tables have been requisitioned as the workspace. How do we change from work mode to home mode, and can KNX bring anything to the party?

Automation is not necessarily the first words on people’s lips when they setup an office.

Many homes are not that well equipped when it comes to office-quality lighting. For most people, the warm glow of a light bulb in the room almost certainly means that 2700 kelvin yellow, which is great for relaxing in the evening and watching a bit of TV. When it comes to office color temperature on the other hand, there is no ‘perfect’, but people certainly lean more towards the 4000 – 6000 kelvin range.

We are proud to have the best smart home and building automation products in Pakistan.

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